ellevarner EV 3y
  •   wingz_mv if you need a artist for anything I do really great artwork check it out if you can. 3y
  •   tceattle Good lookin setup u got there! Word up 3y
  •   _sonofabishop @ellevarner I really want to work wit you, only you can make that happen tho! Double up! We gon talk! Shhhhh:) 3y
  •   leamar_since93 Cute . Absolutely love your music. Me n my moms be jamin to it err day! 3y
  •   23nob Hard work pays off 3y
  •   liljoshthuglife @ellevarner we need to link up and do some music together 3y
  •   kenyahandleme E to the l 3y
  •   byrrd1905 Nice 3y

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