tshoxenreider Nothing says Happy Independence Day like a flying chihuahua. #inbend 3y
  •   tshoxenreider Apparently it's something they've done for years in the Bend Pet Parade. He's tethered to about 4 people walking on the ground. 3y
  •   bluelunacafe Poor puppy!!!! 3y
  •   inspiredtoaction What?! Hahaha! 3y
  •   hawleywould BAAAHAHAHAHA 3y
  •   hawleywould ... So random! 3y
  •   cdutley That CAN'T be legal. Wow. 3y
  •   tshoxenreider @cdutley I know, but I think it might be. There were several police right there... 3y
  •   cdutley Can you imagine that bust? "Excuse me, ma'am. But you're going to have to reel in that chihuahua. That's a violation of federal air space. And I'm pretty sure he's peeing on people from up there." 3y

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