kyori The Inspector | During the last functioning days of the Tanjong Pagar Train Station, this guy was spotted looking around as if he's trying to catch a crime suspect. 3y
  •   kyori @sinched Haha that's alright! It's a bit confusion when we see the same people in different apps. 3y
  •   sinched Yea bro even more when we use many apps or websites,really sorry bro 3y
  •   kyori @sinched No worries bro, nothing to be sorry about. :) 3y
  •   monicawynja Fantastic gallery 3y
  •   kyori @monicawynja Well thanks for everything, cheers! 3y
  •   brava1971 Love your pics! 3y
  •   kyori @brava1971 Thanks for all the likes! 3y
  •   galvanized07 Absolutely phenomenal work here!! Looking at your work is like being transported back in time!! Great!! 3y

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