•   angiebpowers @jaydaa.jones aayee 2mon
  •   zahra.rfa It was fantastic! When l saw it I stared kungfu 2mon
  •   frostcosmetics Hi jaden, my name is Nadia and I'm a celebrity like you but I'm not nowhere near as big as you. I've been a fan of you and your father for a long time and if I got the chance to meet you guys....Nvm that but I was scrolling down your page and was just thinking about how many people I heard say that you are weird like very weird and that I just wanted to say that I don't think your wierd. Your a human being and your not perfect and the most important thing is that your being you and not trying to impress no one else. I really enjoyed the karate kid remake even though it was made a while ago, it inspired me a lot and I really hope that the person I seen on the t.v. screen is the same person in real life. A nice, handsome young man who doesn't run away from his problems, a boy who knows how to actually treat a female or a lagy friend. I really really hope you respond to this comment because i would like to be friends with you and I have so many questions about this like how is life In your side because being rich isn't always about fun and games. 1mon
  •   ___.teeeeeee.___ I wonder who sung this instead of read this? 1mon
  •   _sophia303 Lol omg read the whole thing @les123abc 3w
  •   mid.city.kid i only now get it 3w

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