tharealness Always thought this album cover was dope.. Plus #HoodTookMeUnder was my shit! #ComptonsMostWanted #cmw #musictodriveby #mceiht #gangstarap #classichiphop #goldenera 4y
  •   sandoobie Jeah!!! CMW ... Music to drive by! 4y
  •   tharealness @imwavyslime wow thank you! And I'm just a fan like yall, just trying to bring back memories for some people and supply dope shit others might have missed out on! Thanks tho, One Love! 4y
  •   imsowavyb All day fam keep posting these monumental hip hop classics. Not gonna front I'm a huge head but you posted a few cats I never heard of but I had definitely checked them out and liked it. 4y
  •   dhitodagheto @tharealness appreciate your pics to memorize sum hiphop fans worldwide. Thanx! 4y
  •   tharealness @dhitodagheto thanks homie! U got a dope collection ma mann 4y
  •   mikeinbmore One of the illest yet understated rap album covers ever 2y

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