jefholm My sister in-law @jaimeleeholm who nominated me to go on a journey of love 2y
  •   aleecekesterke I will merry you @jefholm I'm form Canada lol I love you picked you form the start 2y
  •   moorephotography4you Marry* from* just saying... 2y
  •   steph_e_g Yes, u should journey to Canada for sure and come find me 2y
  •   aleece_bailey Jef! I've always wanted to meet you! My friends met you at sugarhouse park and at the Luna lune concert that you went to in holiday. I was so bummed. I loved watching your season of the bachelorette and I'm sorry you guys didn't work out. But always remember there's plenty of fishes in the sea. (Until the big bad shark comes and eats them all...) 1y
  •   sienaaakaracas Jef I wish you didn't fuck up with Emily you guys made me cry in every episode because I wanted love like yours so bad. #emilymaynardistoogoodforyou 😙 1y
  •   igobyjen Jen with one 'n'. And no one ever gets it right. 11mon
  •   makennaborchers One f jef @igobyjen 8mon

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