fitspiration_girl #fitness #fit #workout #gym #fitspo #fitspiration #inspiration #motivational #determination #sports #health #healthy #cleaneating #food #training #train #sweat #sportsbra #rolemodel #shape #tone #toned #lean #diet #weightloss #fatloss #fgfit I know it can be daunting but keeping a workout/nutrition journal is crucial. To change you have to progress week after week. Keeps you motivated and aware of your efforts 3y
  •   melindam13 @missirizarry4 I believe whey protein can help lose weight it is a meal supplement it is to help replace meals high in calorie & some proteins are good for muscles if you are into getting muscles. I could be wrong but I believe that it what is used for 3y
  •   fitspiration_girl @missirizarry4 whey protein is taken to reach the desired amount of protein per day in order to maintain/increase lean muscle mass. However a protein shake is not empty of calories. Hence if it fits within your daily allowance then it's all good! You should not have too many (2 max par day) and try to eat lean protein as your main source. The best time to take your shake is post workout because whey is fast absorbing. Hope this helps! 3y
  •   fitspiration_girl @dm13happyness it's from 3y
  •   r.jeannie Ur the most sincere person tht i found in instagram. Ur nvr a selfish mind. God bless u... @fitspiration_girl 3y
  •   fitspiration_girl @gekchu oh my! Thanks so much girl!! Thankfully I'm not alone :) 3y
  •   r.jeannie This is wht makes a successful person different fr others. They share to progress. They hv the right attitude towards life. I dnt need yr workout plan but i luv to see yr attitude in helping ppl to progress. Keep it up. 3y
  •   missirizarry9 @fitspiration_girl ... thanx for the advice. I started whey protein and Im taking post workouts and also eating a clean lean diet. I've eating clean for about two weeks and I already feel better!! 3y
  •   msladyyjadee I'm having difficulty changing what I eat. I'm great at working out, but have no idea where to start with food. I'm looking to loose weight and tone up (not become to bulky with muscle). my question to you is: 1) what type of "meal plan" would you suggest? I don't like the word diet because I'm looking for a long term, life long way of eating healthy and 2) how do you keep track of what you eat? counting calories or? I hope you can help me out with this! 3y

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