kaikaiya See u later Pong Pong 4y
  •   my_life_on_instagram Bear had to be neutered. One of the requirement from the breather is to neuter him or I'll be sued and Bear would have to be returned. Bear's the same as he was before he was neutered. He was like a kitty cat who just lay and sleep most of the time during the day. He gets very playful and active late at night particularly around 1am. He'd send me a barking signal to let him out and he'll run around for a few hrs with Sam my mixed Chow. Sometimes in the morning my furnitures are all been re-arrange because of the way they play around at night. Other than that he's very mellow. Refuses to go for walks most of the time. Give me some pointers how I can get this Bear to go for walks without me having to carry him back. I was thinking of bringing a wagon along during our walks next time. 4y
  •   kaikaiya @ the wagon! Wow~ so playful. I bet it's hard to get a good night sleep with bear, Sam and cute little Nala running around? I'd love pong pong to have a company too. Im currently trying really hard to persuade my partner. Lol. Most of time pong pong sleeps n chill. Just like my 2 birmans at home. Sometimes I wish they all get along. That's why I'd like to have another dog at home. But we'll see... Oh I didn't know that's a requirement to neuter in the USA. That's really good though. Cos a lot of people in the uk just breeds n breeds then sell. That's not healthy. Especially with some mis-mixed breeds. I'm not against mix breeds but sometimes some have serious health problems.... 4y
  •   kaikaiya @my_life_on_instagram I'd love to give u some pointers how to get bear to walk home without u carry him but I'm having the same problem too pong pong refuses to walk at a certain area becoz he knows that's the way home. Sometimes it can take up to 20 mins just to walk 20 meters 4y
  •   aussenseiterin I am glad to know WWT is not the only boy refuses to walk, he loves to go out but it takes forever to finish walking one block he keeps staring at other people and dogs hmmmm Sometimes I wonder why he is so curious on things he sees everyday 4y

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