misskatieh love my whit whit shes famous you know #missphoenix @whitneyirene 2y
  •   bella10403 @misskatieh Haha oh goodness I cannot even imagine where that could have gone! Wish I was there to reminisce with you girls xoxo have an amazing time beauties 2y
  •   whitneyirene Last night was a blast!!! @bella10403 wish you could have been there! Detailing our awkward phases was quite a treat for the bf and hubby ! 2y
  •   jessheld I'm late joining this convo but oh my gosh you girls look gorgeous! Let's see if we can't bring out those books we used to write in to each other with jelly rolls! @bella10403 @whitneyirene 2y
  •   misskatieh @jessheld I have them at my parents house somewhere!! a few years ago my mom tried to throw them away and I flipped out! 2y
  •   whitneyirene I have a few at my dads house too!! I think we may need a reunion !! 2y
  •   whitneyirene SWC maybe??!! 2y
  •   misskatieh @whitneyirene swc got cancelled this year! sad huh!!! 2y
  •   whitneyirene WHAT why??!! 2y

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