•   lilmissmodel14 How is this product? 3y
  •   hannahmfischer @lilmissmodel14 well I just bought it today, so I'm not sure. I have the first naked pallet though and I love it! I use it everyday 3y
  •   lilmissmodel14 Cool! Let me know :) 3y
  •   caitlinkaye Which pallet do you prefer out of the two? I reallllyy want to buy a naked pallet but I'm not sure which one to get, and they're petty pricey for eye shadow. Then again, I don't wear much makeup but I've been really into it lately. Is it hard to apply for beginners, and is it natural looking? I don't want anything too dramatic! :P I'll probably end up buying one of them anyway, just can't resist! Ahha thanks :) 3y
  •   hannahmfischer @caitlinkaye I honestly recommend the Naked 2 pallet. It has many more natural colors than the first pallet. It's my favorite (: deffinately money well spent. There are many many many makeup tutorials on YouTube showing you how to do natural looks with this pallet(: 3y

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