bossipofficial Laura Govan! Kickin' it!!! Lookin' AMAZING!!!! Interscope @bartenurablue 2y
  •   yourboycelebrity Oh wow. Props to her!!! She's gettin her life! 2y
  •   msmook2u WOOOOOW ! She looks great I see she got her nose done too 2y
  •   curligirlibabe She don bought into the hype going under the knife... 2y
  •   toyasstagrammin TH did she do that?!?! 2y
  •   r_d_b Laura Govan is such a non factor no one cares! 2y
  •   beautifulladi80 Why she do that to her self 2y
  •   mz_prissie83 Small body big head mean u lost to much weight 2y
  •   chin_young she looks good 2y

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