nichols_power Crazy kitty lol 4y
  •   gidgetlaurajo I would be upset with her. She knows better than to get near food. Not sanitary. I had to train her though. She's a good cat. :) 4y
  •   nichols_power @gidgetlaurajo I let him go wherever he wants. If I don't approve I say get out or get down and he does. He's a very good cat and obeys everything I say. 4y
  •   gidgetlaurajo @josh_nichols Oh..I do. She has run of the house...and that's what I mean by she is a good cat. :) 4y
  •   gidgetlaurajo @josh_nichols "kill" is a bit much. I obviously did not mean that literally. She would get scolded though. I don't want to accidentally shut the door on her or anything! :-/ 4y

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