stay_high91 1 dollar pool come play me in #stg and I might beat you #jazzyjava #poolshark 2y
  •   dankbohls Doubt it 2y
  •   stay_high91 are you excepting the challenge? @dankbohls 2y
  •   dankbohls Haha I would but it's highly unlikely I'll be in stg anytime soon and we know how it goes when your in Utah county. So I'll just accept the fact that Ide beat your ass and call it good haha 2y
  •   stay_high91 you never hit me up :( nope it's going down pool off 2y
  •   dankbohls I never did?! You never did! Not once! Tssk... This is getting ridiculous B you gotta get it together and live up to the list of things we have to do haha. All you had to say last time you were here is that you had time to chill and I woulda grabbed ya. Had a car. Haha add a billiards tournament to the list. 2y

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