yorozuya CONGRATULATIONS SPAIN FOR THE #EURO2012 WIN! So proud of how they played so well, and I'm most proud of Nando overcoming hate by scoring and assisting! My two favourite men in the team. :-) 4y
  •   yorozuya I just want to state here that #Gigi and #Pirlo were both amazing, and it's a shame the score didn't reflect how well they played. Let's not be too quick to point fingers, and forget that they're legends too quickly, okay? 4y
  •   kjaran That was just a funny match, Italia just gave up after the second goal xD 4y
  •   yorozuya @kjaran I feel a bit sad for them! They've got a couple of players that tried hard, but by the second half, you could see the majority of the spirit was lost!! ;_; 4y
  •   kjaran And then Torres was let lose for fun in the end; made 1 goal and played a major part in another! @yorozuya 4y
  •   yorozuya @kjaran I'm still annoyed how they always put Torres in last minute when the game is "secure", because I really think he deserves better than that! I'm glad he scored and assisted, and trolled his way to the Golden Boot lol. Hopefully the critics will shut up now! XD 4y
  •   kjaran Yeah I know, fun but yet sad in some way! :) 4y
  •   kjaran Hahaha, Torres just gets to have fun and make millions doing so xD 4y
  •   yorozuya @kjaran it's crazy money hahaha!!! 4y

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