ohwhoawillow Aren't we just so cute? We make legit velociraptors #swag #sexy #awkwardfaces @kierneyy @emo4011 4y
  •   ohwhoawillow Oh @nickumana1... You have a lot of catching up to do to get to the season 2 final by Monday 3y
  •   nickumana @sprucebaby by Monday?!?! I'll try my best but no promises:P 3y
  •   ohwhoawillow @nickumana1 that works for me :) lol 3y
  •   ohwhoawillow @nickumana1 you excited for school tomorrow ? 3y
  •   nickumana Ehhh in super excited for senior year but not so thrilled about the work that comes with it haha:) and I'm gonna miss summer freedom terribly! How about you? How's your homework coming along?:) 3y
  •   ohwhoawillow @nickumana1 I am so missing my summer :( I am not super excited because a lot of my friends graduated!!! Lol and... It's... Going :) I finished one paper!! 3y
  •   nickumana Oh @sprucebaby I totally feel you on that one!! A lot of my friends graduated too:/ wooohoooo! Gooood job if you need any motivation just imagine me in my teen wolf costume at the baseball game taking out all the angel players....and eventually being tazered 3y
  •   ohwhoawillow @nickumana1 oh geez!!!! Got to admit, that's going to be suuuuper awesome!!!!! 3y

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