jessaiee Loving my overdue ootd (29/06) :) 2y
  •   jessaiee @rainnheart Thank you :) @lekhasiva HEYYY LEKS! Hahaha aww thanks! How have you been man?! @iakiynat Take a chillpill brudduh gimme time to edit la 2y
  •   lekhasiva I miss you !!! I saw yu kei and lo lo on fridayyyyyy ! I'm okay school what's new eh haha I miss 4/2 like mad 2y
  •   jessaiee @lekhasiva I miss you tooo! Really where how come I didn't see you?!? Hehe jiayou! <3 I'm dying in school man How come you didn't go for the outing? You were overseas? 2y
  •   lekhasiva I saw them at j8 wisely as well !!! ): not fated haha lol . IKR me too . I was having exams my sch had started that week , diff poly diff holiday that's why ): . 2y
  •   eltacojustice So cute. ^_^ 2y
  •   thevingance Followme i followback ? @jessaiee 2y
  •   unique_ness13 Pretty! @jessaiee :) 2y
  •   jessaiee @el_jesse @unique_ness13 So sweet of you guys, thanks 2y

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