jgunnisbetter Sunburn so hard mufuckas wanna fine me 2y
  •   charityamanda How many times do I have to tell u that ur White!!!! Use some damn sunscreen!!!! Smh 2y
  •   craytology Im about to go in to nanny mode and scold you 2y
  •   mscallie84 @craytology he's already scolded. LOL. Love you Josh 2y
  •   brobeas U drawn 2y
  •   kittie_smalls Shower and find some Vaseline Bruh, lather up and sleep with a shirt over it... Works wonders 2y
  •   harveycummings Brand of a good weekend 2y
  •   valaplus4 I know your skin is still burning... Hope you got that aloe cooling gel or something to help with the burn... Lard/Vaseline 2y
  •   merrickontherox Your looking a Lil sunburnt like me boo boo!! 2y

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