theleakyboob Bees hiding in our backyard escaping the rain. @jeremymw took this shot. #bees 3y
  •   woodshedcoffee A swarm! So awesome and beautiful. 3y
  •   setabadnama Impressive! 3y
  •   janeliope eek! 3y
  •   nicolebudiman I've never seen them like this before. Are they all just clinging on to each other? 3y
  •   thebenoit8 Yikes!!! 3y
  •   gremlinaofschoolhousefarm Wish were close enough to provide them a hive! 3y
  •   littlehen Me too @gremlina I'm after some new bees. Swarms like that don't stick around for long! 3y
  •   theleakyboob We've called a friend that keeps bees, hopefully she'll be able to get them. It's raining so we think they'll stick around for a bit until things dry out. 3y

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