gabe_duran If that's not a gangster party idk what is... -_- #fourguysinahottub 2y
  •   gabe_duran @trevorkilian lol you know it brah lol howve you been? 2y
  •   maury_ballstein @gabe_duran eh I'm alright been boatin every day I'm not at work for a few weeks lol I cant complain.. how you been? 2y
  •   gabe_duran Why you out of work man? And I've been working a lot! How's NorCal man? 2y
  •   maury_ballstein @gabe_duran I work 2 12s and then off 2 days then work 3 12s etc its whatever I'm applying at tge branch in chino to move back and get a place eventually. Where u workin? 2y
  •   gabe_duran I'm working at a Mexican restaurant in San Dimas it's called casa del Rey it's pretty sick man I like it 2y
  •   maury_ballstein @gabe_duran when I come down ill have to check it out how long u been there 2y
  •   gabe_duran It's pretty bomb Cody just applied there...I'm kickin it with him right now...but I've been there for about 3 months or so man 2y

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