•   tjdearmond Amazing movie! 2y
  •   sarahhhh29 Just watched that, very sad 2y
  •   leavingbyefandom i think the theatre version is really..good made me cry though! 2y
  •   badseedjxne Have you read the book? @jackie_emerson 2y
  •   aluxella It really made me cry, thanks Jackie, now i get all teary, even though its long time since you posted this, Jackie you made me cry :D 1y
  •   capitolnotcapital That was a good movie 1y
  •   19janamarie98 I have Seen the theatre Version and it is Reals Good i cryed a Lot:( 11mon
  •   jen_0226 Love both book and the movie!! Cried in both 10mon

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