nicky_rozay2 Uh oh 4y
  •   nicky_rozay2 @ike_turner lol it's been a while bro. Nothing good ever came from this. Iono why I'm doing this to myself lol 4y
  •   ike_turner Man I dnt miss them at all lol that damn liquored up beer u gon be like smokie n end up sweatin n a chicken coop lol 4y
  •   _nicolelago_ I've never had a four loko! Lol 4y
  •   nicky_rozay2 @ike_turner chill Ike lol 4y
  •   nicky_rozay2 @nee_kohl man you ain't living! 4y
  •   _nicolelago_ Lol I'll have to get one one day...I thot they were bad for you or something?! 4y
  •   nicky_rozay2 @nee_kohl they took an ingredient out so they're still on the market. Just try one one day. I don't recommend you drink anything else tho lol 4y
  •   _nicolelago_ Lol Ookay! I'll let you know how that goes! Lol 4y

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