pina_a #photoadayjune 29. #soft {My boy Lucas has the softest skin and is so soft and cuddly. him!} 3y
  •   effie900 Thanks so much @pina_a I was just about to say you have such beautiful kids!! 3y
  •   pina_a @effie900 thank you for lovely comments you are too kind. Are you going to any Olympic events? 3y
  •   effie900 Sadly not. kicking myself for not persevering with getting tickets. Are you watching it? 3y
  •   pina_a @effie900 at least u still get to experience the atmosphere there. It was a total buzz here in Sydney. I only went to one track and field event but the whole city had Olympic fever 3y
  •   pina_a @effie900 I haven't had a chance to watch much of it as I had a busy weekend but will try to watch some during the week to cheer on the Aussies 3y
  •   kiciaaaa 3y
  •   pina_a #lolla82_calendar winter? 3y

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