misskatieh 14 week belly 2y
  •   romans12 @misskatieh I had the 12 week genetic screening and the Dr told me to hold on to all the bit clothes, but not to make an announcement yet. So I find out for sure in August. 2y
  •   misskatieh @romans12 Ohhh. I didn't get any genetic screening .. I find out in August too :) 2y
  •   annakeld Lookin good!! 2y
  •   misskatieh @theniceblog thanks Anna!! 2y
  •   thainers This is so crazy to me Katie! I can't believe it! You're such a cute preggers :) 2y
  •   misskatieh @thainers I know can you believe it tiff?! it's still surreal to me. hopefully in the fall I'll be in WA more than 2 days like this month & we can see eachother 2y
  •   brinaa_ballerina @misskatieh ahhh! Your going to be a great mommy! Congrats Katie you are a b e a utifullll preggo! 2y
  •   thainers Katie i would love that! 2y

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