•   shane_nicole @keely_rocks I met Brenda! Haha nice girl. Yeah my ship runs the west coast seal so I helped out with that last year. Chesapeake is my fave though, not really the weather though haha 4y
  •   keelysings Wow that's so cool! Yea the Chesapeake is the worlds largest estuary, but that comes with lots of rain. I live in PA I don't get out sailing much 4y
  •   shane_nicole @keely_rocks oh really?! Well do you know Gus gotwalt then? I went to seal with him 4y
  •   keelysings Oh dear god, unfortunately. He's in my ship. The human vibrator 4y
  •   shane_nicole @keely_rocks he got the nickname at seal hahaha 4y
  •   keelysings @hbsailaway oh I know. That's so weird that you know him 4y
  •   shane_nicole @keely_rocks sea scouts makes the world very small. Haha I'm just super into it so I know sea scouts in Europe and all over 4y
  •   keelysings Wow well now I know one in California! Obviously I'm keely! And whom are you? 4y

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