ayygabbykayyy a turner field sunset. #braves #baseball #mlb #atlanta 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy @dk_mia already roadtripped! just uploading pictures! 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy @dk_mia dying to see marlins park! how is it? better than expected? 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy that's awesome! i really need to go to a game before the season ends! 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy @dk_mia i'm sure it's nice to not be rained out! both marlins games i've been to had delays. 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy hopefully by fall, the roof will be opened more. i've got my fingers crossed they make it to the postseason. i have too much money riding on them to not believe in them! 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy it would be great to see them get out of this slump. on paper they've got a great team put together. it's definitely year of the fish though. would miami be ready for another victory parade?! haha 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy @dk_mia i actually just moved to philly! born & raised in chicago though! i try to visit as often as possible! huge sox, blackhawks, bears and bulls fan. i know you're a heat fan, but i can't help it haha. 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy why would you lose followers? are they predominately baseball and baketball fans? the panthers hold a special place in my heart due to all the former blackhawks you guys have! 2y

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