postalpix We got a whole lot of love this week here at #PostalPix and these awesome displays are chock-full of love. Thanks to those that shared with us this week!

Top left: @mcareyano made these super playful bunting banners with her prints. Such a great way to brighten up a kitchen, don't 'cha think?

Top right: We absolutely "heart" heart displays! This fun display was sent in by @joyousjeska.

Bottom left: @mommabug1 used an old fence to string her prints on. Love the added touch of the heart painted on by her daughter. D'aww!

Bottom right: @getreadysetgo shared step-by-step on her feed just how she created these fun displays. We love it all!

We love seeing your displays and love, so keep tagging your ideas with a #PostalPix tag!
  •   lucyandmysky Thanks for sharing this! LOVE seeing everyone's creative ideas for display here. Definitely gonna follow suit:) 2y
  •   _ericamarta What size are the photos in the top right, bottom left, and in your profile picture?! I'm trying to order now !! 2y
  •   postalpix @_ericamarta Our most common size is the 4x4 if that helps. ;) 2y
  •   _ericamarta Okay thanks. I just figured the ones I asked about were either that or 5x5. None of them that I asked about are 5x5? Placing my order ASAP. 2y

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