•   michyy28 @soohyunlovee dude! I have been watching this reality show called "We Got Married" where Nickhun gets married to Victoria from f(x) and they pretend to live as a married couple! OMG they are so cute and Nickhun is like the perfect husband. He is so sweet. You have to watch it. Nickhun is now my bias #thaiprince 3y
  •   tearsofaflower @michyy28 I've heard of that show!!! Is it really that good?! Omg, Nichkhun is sooo handsome. I'm gonna start watching it after A Gentlemens Dignity if over. I'm like watching 4 kdramas at once right now and I don't want to spend too much of my time on dramas. Even tho I really wish I could! Lol. 3y
  •   michyy28 OMG you should totally watch it because it's so addicting. The chemistry between Nickhun and Victoria is off the charts! Nickhun does so many cute things for her that it's making me melt hahaha. He's perfect sigh... 3y

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