christinaperri those random moments you think about #christiangrey 3y
  •   iitsmarrtha I just hope they dont link the twilight characters forfifty shades:/ I mean it's twilight fan fiction but it should stand on its iwn wuth no link to twilight... no?:) 3y
  •   tiffinyrae I would honestly die if they picked Kristen Stewart for Ana.!!!! She has the right look, but her acting is terrible. She's the same in every role she plays. 3y
  •   animalover_26 Did you finish the #distance movie?? 3y
  •   dreamer26 I loooooooove tea :) 3y
  •   jjarrett YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! Oh yes. 3y
  •   nat271181 I LOVE this...!! Lol 3y
  •   mncbngcsn @ilovekatlin my fave tea!!! *peach flavored black tea 3y

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