anyforty Came home to find this little beauty waiting for me from iLoveDust. INCREDIBLE 2y
  •   myofclothing Dayum! That is ridiculous! 2y
  •   jon_hello These guys are insane. 2y
  •   iambenthomas Wow! Book?? 2y
  •   anyforty @iambenthomas Fold out consentina style promo with foul blocked band. Very sick! 2y
  •   makedesignenjoy Their work is ridiculous 2y
  •   _grp_ Shame they don't share the same 'love' of Ripe as you Al, Been trying to get in with those guys for ages. 2y
  •   anyforty Yeah mate @_grp_ Incredible studio, you'd do some beautifull jobs for em. 2y

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