erickoston How many times you think Kramer screamed the "N" word in here? 2y
  •   ulisesalc Nice 2y
  •   youssefsh Oh fuck, i was just there yesterday 2y
  •   catpowerofficial HAAAA 2y
  •   drewsdays LMFAO!!!!!!! 2y
  •   thebrockster80 Put it in the "vault" 2y
  •   e_rafter champion :) 2y
  •   stevenobs no way this is near my house 2y
  •   ssunhands @erickoston i remember one time about 5 years ago i won tickets to see ya skate at evolution skate park in canton ohio. couldnt make it so i gave the tickets to my pals. they asked you to call me to make it up to me. still one of my fav moments. and youre still a #totalbabe 2y

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