jessykastarr The little guys still exist even though blockbuster went to hell. 3y
  •   kam_ski Uhm have u not heard of REDBOX yet? Time to google that shit. Hahah 3y
  •   jessykastarr @kam_ski no, what is it? 3y
  •   kam_ski Google redbox. It's like saying what's Walmart? 3y
  •   kay_ski Omg, Redbox in the entertainment industry is like TD in the banking industry!! @jessykastarr @kam_ski 3y
  •   kam_ski Ha ha! Jess put it this way. If u haven't seen a redbox 3y
  •   kam_ski at your local Macs or Wallamart or Shoppers........ 3y
  •   kam_ski U soon will (fucking send button) 3y

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