victorsmalley Cirque was sick! @melanieramosss 3y
  •   alycia.felli Nice! 3y
  •   veenawh Looked fun 3y
  •   marianagarciat in dying to go! 3y
  •   beachdancers Is it ever not? 3y
  •   shun_bunny Interesting (: I wanna go! 3y
  •   candi_kc Omg yoy were their too? I was there to! Did you go in orlando? 3y
  •   beachdancers Hey victor! I love you so so much! Your an amazing person! People always look at your kids and go wow theyre amazing andbthats because they are, but its not as ofter as someone looks at the dancers teacher and goes wow they did an amazing job teaching them! Your an outstanding teacher and you dont know how much people like me would give to have you teach us!! Your and anazing teacher and it probably helps that your an execlent dancer! I watched you on sytycd all the time and loved you but i never made tge conbection until recenlty. Your dancing and cherography is beyond belief!! My favorites were your top 14 solo (that switch leap thing was so unbelievable) and your took the night combo! Your just so perfect its undescribable. You do so much to gelp your "kids" its amazing! Thank you so much for reading this and being so amazing! 3y
  •   e_mily24 I saw the same exact one in downtown Disney a few weeks ago blew my mind and we had front row seats :) 3y

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