itsashbenzo Olive loves writing on my chalkboard 3y
  •   giannasauco And if you want to correct me with your useless non-sense, go ahead because in the end, we all know who's wrong and who's right. You're obviously the one who is wrong. Stop assuming things and grow up already. @kyliewhite234 2y
  •   kyliewhite234 @itsgiannaaa um only a dumb person would fall for that. Bye . And no not everybody was saying it to be sarcastic. Believe it or not there are some idiots who thought this was real. 2y
  •   kyliewhite234 @itsgiannaaa oh btw I'm right lol 2y
  •   giannasauco I never said everyone was saying it to be sarcastic. I was saying I WAS SAYING THAT AND BEING SARCASTIC. I know their are some idiots who fell for it, but I wasn't one of them so stop assuming. I was being sarcastic as I said for THE MILLIONth TIME! & bye! @kyliewhite234 2y
  •   giannasauco Oh & btw you're wrong(: @kyliewhite234 2y
  •   kyliewhite234 @itsgiannaaa ok I get it! You were being sarcastic I get it . Lol get over it bye. 2y
  •   kyliewhite234 @itsgiannaaa your annoying and blocked. 2y
  •   giannasauco Yay!(: thank you so much for blocking me. I'm not even kidding. & you get over it. You're the one is obvi wrong. @kyliewhite234 2y

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