theleakyboob Trying to eat this and nurse at the same time. Risky. 3y
  •   theleakyboob Yep, 5 guys! One of the employees applauded me saying that it was tricky and they should take a pic and put it on the wall, feeding double. Cool, huh? 3y
  •   julian.wotherspoon @theleakyboob that is awesome! At the one here they took one of my 2yo taking a huge monster bite of a burger like a boss. Lol 3y
  •   md_ts OMG I LOVE 5 Guys!!!! Mos def my fave burger joint!!!! 3y
  •   mackzmommie Omg!! That looks yummy! And they totally should have taken a pic! 3y
  •   aurian82 I knew that there was actually a use for breastfeeding covers, lol! 3y
  •   theleakyboob @aurian82 haha! Perfect! 3y
  •   rainbowmiller It's a tricky one for sure. I man-grip burgers though, so maybe that helped lol 3y
  •   happymamalisa Mmmmm 3y

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