marckncklhd My favorite wallpaper 3y
  •   marckncklhd @rebeccamicaela I'm trying to put you in a #imp tee. Right now we have that Sierra tee. Let me know. 3y
  •   _bbex What do you mean? What tee? Do you guys have any more beanies? haha 3y
  •   marckncklhd Hahaha those emojis are perfect. Nah we're all out of beanies. Look through my old posts. Theres a tee we did for La Sierra alumni, called Sierra. Let me know if you wanna purchase. I remembered you asking for a tee before. 3y
  •   _bbex I'd be down for a shirt with just your logo on it cause it's sick af. But honestly I hated La Sierra lol let me know when you get new beanies!! 3y
  •   marckncklhd @rebeccamicaela will do! Possibly coming this fall. No worries I'll hit you up when we drop our next tee haha 3y
  •   mungaloid Yeah man I have a couple photos I think would do good on a shirt. @marckncklhd. Do you guys still have that spot in DTR ? 3y
  •   _bbex Yessss! I really want a beanie! So don't forget to save me one 3y

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