tylerterm The aftermath of an infected mandible being cut open and drained. My job is so disgusting. 2y
  •   tylerterm @kingoptinuumz right now I'm at a blue command but I've had the greenside training and my next command will be with the Marines. Seabees are cool too, I'd consider taking orders with them as well. 2y
  •   tylerterm @mikedeltaxxx you're not the first person I've heard that from. I'm excited to finally do it too, even though I haven't yet. 2y
  •   babydunkz @tylerterm, engineers aide! So if i go officer i can be a civil engineer. big money  2y
  •   babydunkz i get equal amounts of combat training with the marines expeditionary. Just going to need to take algebra/arthimatics a little more seriously to get a better AFQT score. 2y
  •   satanstrophywife Coolio 2y
  •   tylerterm @mikedeltaxxx I'll be NMC Portsmouth until Oct of next year. Before this I was in Chicago for corps school and at field med in NC. 2y
  •   killatabbycat I'm diabetic, does that count? 2y
  •   yung_kar @tylerterm I am green with jealous rage right now. 2y

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