herbiejazz Bud Man 3y
  •   herbiejazz @bebeno Runs in the family 3y
  •   herodoto Really nice Jamie! 3y
  •   herbiejazz @herodoto thanks Herodoto. He's our Bud 3y
  •   kananamax what a bud 3y
  •   kananamax I found that many East Coasters have beagle, my former grew up with one and form CT and I know a couple more with beagles there too 3y
  •   kananamax *from 3y
  •   herbiejazz @kananamax they are popular out here. Buddy Guy is our second. First was Herbie Hancock, who lived to be 18, as did his sister Ella Fitzgerald,a Toy Fox Terrier 3y
  •   herbiejazz @bondo31. And our Buddy Guy 3y

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