astrodub The Gowanus #abandoned #decay 4y
  •   eyeofgotham The Gowanus is part of, or attached to the BQE. 4y
  •   eyeofgotham Actually, (sry for the double) I stand corrected. The BQE and Gowanus are north bkln and south bkln sections of I-278 4y
  •   pattyj Nope. He never told me. 4y
  •   robinmc What? Where is that? 4y
  •   gitasong49 I do love this photo! 4y
  •   gitasong49 O.K. I did some research on. The Gowanus. I think the Gowanus in the photo is an old boat that may have been used on the Gowanus canal in Brooklyn. Gowanus is a part of Brooklyn. The F, G,and R trains go there. In 1981-1982 there were two art installations called. Gowanus Memorial Arty art. Some of the exhibits were outdoors. I wish I had known about them at the time, but I was in L. A. At that time. There is older info about the original Dutch Gowanus settlement, but you kids are probably not interested in that. Hope this helps. 4y
  •   christiaan_cuellar Pretty interesting @gitasong49 ^^ 4y

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