glkclothingco Today is a big day of hard work finally paying off. I just did a consignment deal with GCS in pomona. I have been going to this store since I was in high school. It means so much to me for finally getting my brand into this store. Thank you to @be_be_gcs for working with me. Thank you to all that supported my brand. We are closer to our dreams. #GLK #glamorouslivingkids #GCS #GLKCLOTHING 3y
  •   jfontanez_ Big ups! 3y
  •   dianna_lara0405 I'm very proud of you Christian! <3 3y
  •   hashtagbrandon The truth! Thats sick I used to live by there! 3y
  •   _sidoshi Good job man. I used to love going to that store 3y
  •   alykat_416 Congratulations!!!! 3y
  •   lo_89 U work hard and see how nicely its payn off...congrats 3y
  •   ro.mari.lee Im sooooooo proud of u! I remember when ur journey first took off in high skoo thats amazing! And im still waitin on my shirt!!!! @glkclothingco 3y

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