•   applegingermint Total broccoli tree!!! You like it there now, hey?! 2y
  •   joruff @avocadowalnutlovely some days yes and some days.. No lol but def better than before! 2y
  •   applegingermint What was before? 2y
  •   joruff @avocadowalnutlovely when I first got here in NY from moving from CA! missed Cali so much! 2y
  •   applegingermint Right right!! I guess more taxis, subways and pizza in ny! I bet it took some getting used too. Good on you for living it though i love cali never been to ny! How long are you there?? 2y
  •   joruff @avocadowalnutlovely well Cali s better if you ask me but NY has a lot to offer as well! I've been here since August Bc I'm going to NYU for grad school. Where do you live? 2y
  •   applegingermint Fair enough! Good for you nyu! Whatcha taking? I live in vancouver canada!! 2y
  •   joruff @avocadowalnutlovely I've been there! Just for a day though as a kid when my family and I were visiting Washington state! It was lovely, I remember that I'm getting my masters in vocal performance in music theatre! 2y

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