•   eviebear_ Happy birthday Louis!!! I want to thank you for making hope for us, and u don't know how much I love u for that and more of ur little thingsand u deserve everything perfect to match with ur personality, happy birthday I wish u the best11h
  •   sophialovescheesecake HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 10h
  •   abrithegreat Happy birthday babe 10h
  •   cbwally HAPPY BDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILY ️ I remember when you were on the X factor and AND YOUR STILL 18 OKAY but I have to realize that you grow up too I loved you then as an 18 year old and I love you now as a 23 year old I remember when you were the boy in the striped shirt and suspenders. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS 10h
  •   jorge.x sick board... 10h
  •   a.l.e.x.13 Happy Birthday 9h
  •   clareneeee happybirthday star, we love you so much8h
  •   putiharndxz Happy birthday bae,,,, i love you you mine yeaahhhh(?) once more i say 'i love youuuuuu' wish u all the best yeahhhh,,, gbu and i want say 'merry christmasand happy new year byeeee see you to indonesia in 2015 7h

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