•   50shadesofstylinson247 I am larry af and proud 1d
  •   i_am__nobody__ I don't even understand... He's posting pics and nearly every comment is "Larry!" Or whatever and you are wondering, why he hasn't posted any pictures for ... 20 weeks (?)! 1d
  •   i_am__nobody__ Sorry, 13 weeks... 1d
  •   nxthaliabarbosa E essa bordinha gay ai Hm? 1d
  •   boby_razo_2002 Omg 23h
  •   bitter.hearts @i_am__nobody__ freedom of speech, not trying to argue, and yes it's rather annoying, but Louis doesn't just not post pictures due to rumors of Larry. They just released a new album, and have tons of things coming up. I don't think he's avoiding instagram, he probably just doesn't have time. 21h
  •   i_am__nobody__ @bitter.hearts Yes, okay, but there are so many Larry Comments and it's just like "Guys! Stop this! We are ONE fandom!!" And It's a lil bit sad cause there are sometimes two parts of the fam and not one... 15h

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