rdqlus For half the price of this tank, I had unlimited mobility in #NYC. I love you #OMA, but get your shit together! And spare me the bus argument. We need more frequency and a rail. 4y
  •   rdqlus @exactly what @brusselea & I are saying. Putting bandaids and a a nicely designed new branding (props to Oxide) on the wound ain't the move that will fix it. The whole system needs revamp and reintegration. I'm saying right now, I live for the day I ditch my car and ride all over Omaha. 4y
  •   snekse I never understood the rail argument. For the price of a rail system that services a fixed area you could double the capacity to a flexible area with electric buses (not to mention the speed at which it could be in service). 4y
  •   rdqlus @snekse perfect! Great! Where the hell is it?! Less argument, more action! 4y
  •   snekse @rdqlus1 if I was in charge of that decision, you'd see action from me. If you need support bringing a proposal to the city council, I'm here to help. That's about as much action as I can commit to. I live near the Gretna border, so this isn't too high on my priority list. I'd rather see money spent to bring Omaha an Exploratorium a la San Francisco. 4y

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