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  •   ca19551213 University of Cambridge' Mathematics and Physics From the time of Isaac Newton in the later 17th Century,Until the Mid-19th Century the University maintained a strong emphasis on applied Mathematics, particularly Mathemathical Physics. Study of this Subject was cumpolsary for graduation and student were required to take an exam for Bachelors of Arts Degree the main first degree at Cambridge in both Arts and Science subject.This exam known as a Tripos students awarded first class honours after completing the Mathematics, Tripod were named "wranglers" the Cambridge Mathemathical Tripos was competitive and help produce some of the most famous names in British science , including James Clerk Maxwell, Lord Kelvin and Lord Rayleigh. Pure Mathematics at Cambridge in the 19th Century had a great achiements , It had finally reached the highest international standard in 20th Century. 2y
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