beautybyqueen #siri and i are officially #brokenup. she NEVER gets it right. EVER! 3y
  •   mlgjeanmarc Siri was here 3y
  •   glenngirl81 Siri just spelled out and said Heffa when I was trying to spell Jeffrey 3y
  •   thee_vwood BwahhAhahahaha that's funny..afgahnastan? Wow ..I know that pissed u off though lol 3y
  •   beautybyqueen @glenngirl81 that chic is reckless. And yes @njidekaqueen PISSED! I hate this damn thing. I keep trying her, only to be disappointed. 3y
  •   ndeyesy Well I asked her to tell me what's on my calender and she said I can't 3y

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