_diala "Every artist was once an amateur" - Ralph Waldo Emerson || I know some of you always wonder if there's a recipe to taking a great photograph. I've also always wondered that too and sometimes I still do. But from my experience so far, there's none. No recipe. I know there are photography "rules" like rule of thirds, symmetry, etc that can help guide you in taking a great photo but usually you can find an amazing photo that breaks all those rules. The key is to learn the rules, use them then break them. Also, keep shooting. Sometimes the best photos happen by accident and if you truly want to be good at something, it should be a constant practice. That's the best advice I can give to anyone who wants to know of a "recipe" to great photos Photo edited to black and white using #vscocam and then applied #rise filter in instagram 3y
  •   n_alashwak Wonderful 2y
  •   yomap Very cool 2y
  •   _benni7 This is simple yet gorgeous. 2y
  •   ree_za Nice quote and interesting image. I think 'professionals' doing the whole amateur vs professional debate should remember that. 2y
  •   airesxo Amazing!!! 2y
  •   mgmerringer Great thoughts. I find it super easy to second guess when amongst greatness! Still trying to learn and not give up in the process. Your work and words are always inspiring. 2y
  •   carolinagrunewald Great picture and great thoughts!! 2y

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