fponton Its so hot today that I decided to get Yuki into the pool even if he initially resisted himself..now we can go for a walk #dogs #beaglegang #dogsofinstagram #beagle #spain 2y
  •   fponton @nannieh I can understanf!!! 2y
  •   fponton @uruz We had to convince him for a long time but once in he was so relief that he didnt mind 2y
  •   fponton @masquerade_ Not his first time but you are right...we need to avoid him reacting negatively but as it was so hot I think he liked itMany thanks 2y
  •   fponton @siriwat69 Thanks 2y
  •   punch0828 Yuki, try harder! You can be an Olympic swimmer! 2y
  •   fponton @punch0828 Thats what I always tell him!!!! 2y
  •   pxa72 Yuki, you have a pool? Brunetta loves swimming, she is a bit jealous... 2y
  •   blackbutterfly25 @fponton Aaaawww q disfruten!!! Q lindooooo el Yuki se ve contento 2y

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