radaghast Pencils: my favorite weapon to attack paper with #artwork #pencils 4y
  •   rich_finkster I have a frank doco here bloke...he pulls one of these cats out of his head in literally minutes...a true master 4y
  •   radaghast @mynorrod311 effin awesome......you should try giving it a gander more often and I'd be willing to help ya as much as I can (but beware as I'm still learning myself lol) 4y
  •   radaghast @richo_gong the guy was an effin awesome and had an imagination like no other 4y
  •   rich_finkster Absolutely...it wasn't until seeing him in action that it really hit home...he hardly ever used a model or any kind of reference besides the ones in his head...and they come out FAST! Wish I could work like that 4y

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