wisforwhitney @caylor8 I just kept seeing the skirt #skirt #outfit #today #dailyoutfit #me 2y
  •   krevmdelv420 LOVE THAT SKIRT you're so precious. Love your hair cut btw omg. Just so pretty. And thanks for the encouragement love @anchor11 2y
  •   caylor8 I love it! So glad you bought it :) what about the dress? 2y
  •   wisforwhitney @kloudiefancyfuck418 thank you! Your beautiful as well so keep you head up! 2y
  •   wisforwhitney @caylor8 just felt like spending money on the skirt rather than the dress. 2y
  •   caylor8 Well I think that was well worth the money :) 2y
  •   wisforwhitney Thanks @caylor8 and love your profile pic by the way 2y
  •   caylor8 Haha thanks, and I love you! 2y

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