lifethrough_myeyes •Hang in there• 3y
  •   loveforharrypotter Sorry, I kind of just liked about all of your photos... Haha! Are they are seriously so incredible. I any even explain how much they inspire me!! And you seem like such a wonderful person, that makes your pictures YOU and beautiful and so unique. 3y
  •   loveforharrypotter *i can't 3y
  •   lifethrough_myeyes Haha that's okay! It's kind of like some fantastic birthday present. you're seriously so sweet!! It always warms my heart to hear that I've inspired someone in a way, because that's ultimately the impression I want my photography to make. Bdkjsbsjdlgbs you make me blush. @loveforharrypotter 3y
  •   loveforharrypotter Hahaha well your welcome :) and your 18, right? Wow you have a major talent. Do you live in the US? 3y
  •   loveforharrypotter Oh cool :) wow 18! What does it feel like? Haha I'm only 13, so I don't really know! 3y
  •   lifethrough_myeyes Haha ya know I still feel like a little girl. So not much different. Haha @loveforharrypotter 3y
  •   loveforharrypotter Really? Well good, because I honestly used to think I would become some WAY different person when I was a teenager!! Haha I mean I'm only 13, so in 5 years, I might be totally different! Act different, look different, think different 3y

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