ryangood24 Bring your dreams 2y
  •   aleeenaa i believe for sure someday that i'll be there! in one of the best and biggest penthouses, i will and i can:) never say never 2y
  •   allybieberluvr City lights. AWESOME 2y
  •   nadineyassine Meet @justinbieber in sweden, i have no money to go to america, love justin..:( 2y
  •   lourdes2100 Man that's pretty 2y
  •   itstahtiana Hey tell Justin bieber I love him 2y
  •   sahiry You were in Ph-D Dream Hotel right? Haha 2y
  •   eringirl2000 @ryangood24 My dream is to go to Justin Bieber's concert in Philadelphia PA and meet him backstage!!! It would be a dream come true 2y
  •   prettyshinemami Nyc 2y

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